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Laura Casey

I love jelly beans..just not the black ones ! I have several favorite Jelly Belly flavors...Root Beer, Buttered Popcorn and Cherry..(no, not all at once...I like to savor each flavor !!) Cotton Candy is good too..and I sometimes mix my flavors! Its fun to taste and enjoy those little bits of sugary goodness!


Not sure I've ever had a Jelly Belly but when you mentioned Toasted Coconut I knew that would be a delicious flavor! Otherwise I like the regular lime jelly beans - any brand.

Pat Watson

I love spring and all flavor's of jelly beans. I think the black is my favorite but the rest are a very close second. Most of the time I like to eat one color at a time but every now and then I like to eat a handful of different flavors -- yum yum.

Crystal McGrath

My favorite jelly belly is the popcorn flavor!!!! YUMMY!


I too like Jelly Belly Beans~except for the black~ and I agree with Laura that each flavor should be enjoyed independently!

Kimberly Johnson

My absolute favorits is the Strawberry Cheesecake. And the best thing about Jelly Bellies, other than being obviously yummy....they are FAT FREE. Woohooo! lol

Thanks, Kimberly in AZ


My favorite jelly belly's are the sours. And the blue raspberry, cotton candy, and the red apple. These are my favorite candies and just love the fact that they are fat free:)


My favorite Jelly Bean flavor is coconut! My husbands pet name for me is Jelly Bean. I think it is cute. Easter isn't Easter without Jelly Beans! and of course Bunnies!

Jodi Lenhart

Peach -- Just love peach. But anything flavor is good. I like to try new combinations. Sure can get some funny tasting stuff.

Susan Willian

My favorite flavors are Crushed Pineapple and Pina Colada. MMMM!


Oh, it's so hard to chose just one...but right now I'm in the mood for, yum, POPCORN!

Nelda Clements

I like cherry, strawberry, all reds except cinammon. No Black ever. Nelda in NV


Believe it or not... my favorite jelly bean is cherry.... and a close second is liquorice.......MMMMMMMMm love easter


I love almost all the flavors, but the red ones, especially cherry, are my favorites. I try to stay away from them all year, except for Easter!

Connie Walsh

I love the peach and blue raspberry ones...plus so many others. MMMMMmmmmmm...what a decision to make.


My favorite jelly bean is the Pina Colada. My second choice would be Cherry flavored.

Sarah Williams

My favorite flavor is popcorn! GREAT STAMPS!


Jelly Belly is my favorite brand and buttered popcorn, chocolate with toasted marshmallow (eaten together), and licorice are my favorites. Yummy.


I love all the sour ones the best - especially sour cherry plus the sour strawberry mixed with the sour lemon.

Teresa Kaufhold

When I am in the mood for something tasty and very sweet, you can't beat the cotton candy jelly belly! YUMMY!
Just like your new stamps!

Leslie Gutierrez

toasted marshmellow


sorry but M&M Almond's are my fix. No jelly beans.


Okay, I am pretty boring. My favorite is plain ole' orange. I might have to try some of these other unusual flavors that have been listed, though. :-)

Jenn Ryan

I haven't had Jelly Bellys in so long, I can't remember my favorite! But for a regular bag of jelly beans, any but black!

DeLeta Caudill

Crushed pineapple and toasted coconut. . . & I love Easter!

sandy parker

starburst jellybeans for sure!!


I love All Jelly Belly Beans!!!!
Except not too crazy over the black ones.


Patricia Seifert

RED! RED! RED! Love the red ones. I pick those out of the bowl first. I only buy jelly beans for Easter and the whole house digs for the RED! They're the first to go.
No cinnamon however! The colors fade quickly with black being the last to go.
Happy Easter !

Might I also dd that the bunny stamps are wonderful!

Janet Bagnall

I love all jelly beans and jelly bellys - they are great (well, except the black ones) - Happy Easter to everyone.

Rose Crawford

As a child I always solicited trades from my siblings - any colors of their choice for their black jelly beans. As an adult I gladly buy my own bag just full of the great black licorice flavored jelly beans. My children think it's gross and yet I can't resist.


After visiting wisconsins jelly belly warehouse tour, I can tell you what my least favorite flavor is.. My darlin' daughter tricked me with a VOMIT jelly belly!!How tiny is a jb? well, with a little nibble, vomit is what I did (5X) & burped that flavor for hours.


OH so sorry to hear you got a vomit flavor JB - I don't want to even try to imagine that! However, visiting/touring the Jelly Belly warehouse - that sounds great! (Minus the vomit of course.)

Did you take lots of pictures?

Carol Pattie

Black & White (coconut & licorice) for sure. These have always been my favorite. In the more recent years, root beer and Pineapple have been added to my liest of favorites. Hmmm....I might have to take a trip to the candy store.

Brenda Buechler

Wow, I can see I had better get out there and try some of these wonderful soundin' jelly bellies!! Up until now, just plain 'ole red ones have been my favorite, but I so want to try coconut, marshmellow, cotton candy, raspberry, strawberry cheescake......Thanx for turning me on to this!!!


wow, i'm a real freshman when it comes to jelly beans! i like the black ones, and the red and purple. lately i've had the starburst jelly beans and like those too. will have to try all these other flavors now, except vomit!


I see I can have all the black ones those of you are leaving behind! I was intrigued that there are black and white ones (never saw them) now I'll have to go looking. I also think the people at Jelly Belly's must be amazing to get all those flavors just right! I also think buttered popcorn is swell...


The green ones, the green ones, the GREEN ones! But have you noticed this year that the jelly beans are "mini's" in size? Who DID that????

Jane O'Donnell

I absolutely love Jelly Belly Beans particuarly the flavor of the Juicy Pear, and Lemon Lime jelly beans. They are so juicy, refreshing and mouth watering.I have to look through the colors and find them all before the rest of my family attack them! Talk about being a selfish mother!

Terri Schenck

Jelly Beans have really made a comeback with all the exotic flavors, you can have a pina coloda if you wish. I love most all of the jelly belly flavors. Peach and Pear are very tasty and then they is root beer and vanilla, a root beer float! My brother and I used to fight over the red ones when we were younger so last year I gave him a bag of strickly red ones, so he wouldn't have to share!


My favorite is coconut mixed with any fruit. My fondest memory of jelly beans in general is from the year I bought a whole bag of Brach's for my father-in-law. They were bean perfection...soft, chewy and not too many black ones. He was like a little kid.

Jac-ee Cook

I like the white ones.


Happy Easter! My favorite would have to be Margarita, no, maybe Kiwi, well, maybe Rootbeer and Buttered Popcorn. Zoiks! Too many favorites to pick from!

Okay - My FAVORITE FAVORITE is Orange Sherbert. You can never go wrong there!


Jelly Belly's Island Punch!

Jennifer O'Brien

I love the buttered popcorn with chocolate (separately or combined!) Just the right combination of salty and sweet!


my absolute favorite is the old fashion green ones. My niece turned me onto Jelly Belly flavors, and now there are too many to choice from, cotton candy, root beer, popcorn, lime, etc. Where is the closet store. I need some now!


I love Jelly Belly's Tutti-Fruitti. They have become hard to find.


I love Margarita Jelly Belly beans!!

Jeannie Darnell

My very favorite flavor is the Margarita Jelly Belly beans!! This is probably because I also love Margaritas.

Diane Miner

I absolutely love the buttered popcorn flavor. They have it down perfectly. I also like 99% of the other flavors but buttered popcorn tops the list.

Wanni Spence

I love the buttered popcorn flavor and I love the cotton candy flavor. In fact, if you eat them together you get my very very favorite flavor!!!

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