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Jane Brackney

Loving the different colors and patterns that paper comes in. I love them all!!


My secret for happiness is keeping things simple, not stressing over things out of my control. I concentrate on the positive aspects of my life such as the health and happiness of my family. We all have adversity come into our lives, but we must not let it take over. I work through it by doing something I love - crafts.

Joy Ferrar

My secret to happiness is a "grateful attitude" at all times. One of my favorite sayings is "life is hard, but life is very good." I try to count my blessings each and every day. There are days I hate my job, but I am grateful for it each and every day. My blessings are too numerous to count and always keeping a grateful attitude and focusing on the positive is what truely keeps me happy.

Rhonda Loll

My husband and I adopted an older child from Russia two years ago. We had to travel there as part of the process. Our son's life was taking a bath every couple of weeks (in water that was shared), eating soup for every meal, and he had to wear clothes from a group pile. When the clothes were gone if you didn't get clothes, you didn't go to school that day. Now, when I have bad days at work, I really feel, at least I have a job and can work. After seeing how some people live I have become a very grateful person for everything in my life and that in turn has made me a much happier person. I am not talking about just material things (necessities, family, and love are a luxury that they don’t know).


My secret is no secret at all. When I start feeling sad, depressed or upset I try to stop and think of the sound of my grandchildren's voices when they laugh or giggle. Somehow that puts life in focus for me and I know that I'm grounded. I know that the Lord has blessed me in ways I've yet to realize and that the blessings continue to come. I just read a previous comment that really put it in context, "life is hard, but life is beautiful" I truly think that is a perfect way to express it. When times are rough, you can count on things getting even better. Know who you are and you will find happiness. Know what you want (just don't wonder) and you'll find a way to acheive it. Remember to laugh a lot, even in the hard times. Life is also a funny joke that can keep your heart laughing and singing. My grandchildren make my heart sing! It's all of that and more.


Enjoy the little things. There are so many wonderful little things in the world--savor each one. It may be a cool drink of water, a favorite photo, or a song you love. Even if you just have a second, take the time to savor and take a deep breath as you enjoy that one thing fully.

The more little things you can enjoy the more you realize that life is enjoyable and how many wonderful things there really are.

Susan Thompson

My secret to happiness is enjoying each moment of simple pleasure; the laughter of your child, the adoration in the eyes of your dog, the way th sun glistens through snow covered trees, the perfect blue of a winter sky, the vibrant display of color in a summer sunset.I could go on and on, these are all things that make my heart well up inside.

Lori McDonald

My secret is to scrap it... by scrapping the good, the bad, the ugly, the fun, the wonderful - it allows me the time to reflect on the situation or event. It allows me to ponder the pros the cons. It allows me to reflect on how could have handled the issue differently. And when I'm done - I have the memories on paper to go back and experience again and again. As a military wife, I've learn that you will have both good and bad memories and no matter which it is – they are all precious!

Nancy Liebner

I think Happiness is a choice. Not always an easy choice depending on what is going on in your life, but it can be a choice. Without sadness we would not know about Happiness. The secret is when you are going though Sad to keep on GOING! Out the other side is Happy. Learning to recognize Happy is helpful and a Gratitude Journal can help with that. You are what you THINK! So think HAPPY!

Charles Driscoll

The secret of happiness, my opinion,is being busy and sharing with your family and friends. I've inherited all of the old family pictures from an aunt who was the photographer before me. It gives me great happiness and joy to share the pictures with my family and friends.


My secret is I don't sweat the small stuff. I just take things one at a time and try to see the best in them. I keep rimeinding myself, things could be worse. I love my photos to remind me of how wonderful my family members are and how fortunate I am to have what I have. Scrapping my memories and jounaling makes me even happier. I can leave them out on the coffee table for all to see so we can talk about the kids and what has happened to make us happy. Scrapping my memories for my children is my most precious favorite secret to happiness!

Carol Malinowski

My secret for happiness is the love within my heart and sharing it with all.

Crystal McGrath

Life has taught me happiness is different for all people. For each person to truly find happiness, they need to first think about the choices they can make every day to contribute to their happiness and to not focus on everything negative. God has a plan for all, even if we do not know what it is at the time. I have chosen to live my life by focusing on the things I have control over. By doing this I give all I have. I also pray for guidance and strength daily. When things don't go the way I think they should, I focus on the fact that there may be a bigger plan for me that I am not yet aware of. This is how I find happiness.

Deborah Harrison

My secret to happiness is: To make an attempt every day to eat right, exercise and get a sufficient amount of sleep. If I do that, I can take on the world and all its problems with a positive attitude. I wake up positive and try to stay positive all day. I've learned that life can be cut short at any minute, when we least expect it. I cherish every moment, every hour, every day...that I have with my family and friends.

Linda Flath

My secret is to try and think daily of those less fortunate than myself. I work with special ed. children and every day I think of how lucky I am to have two very healthy children and a wonderful husband. My heart goes out to the parents of the children in my class and how difficult and stressful every day life must be for them. Alot of the parents are single parents and have to go through alot alone. It makes me think twice about things I used to complain about.

Christine Peterson

I believe my secret for happiness exists in those moments when you least expect happiness. Thinking about it now, I find it hard to explain what I mean. It's when I look over at my husband reading a book in his chair that I am overcome with such a sense of happiness and inner peace- for no reason at all. My 5 month old grandson is teething. He can be fussy and irritable at times. The feeling I get when I look down at him sleeping makes my heart smile. When I finish a project, scrapbooking or making a card, I am surprised that I feel such a sense of satisfaction and happiness. I believe recognizing these special moments exist is the secret for finding happiness. These simple unexpected moments that make life special!

Lynne Daffern

My secret to happiness is not in trying to find it for myself but trying to help those around me find it. I get to share in the happiness they find and know that I had just a small part in that happiness. It may be sending a card to make them smile, or giving an unexpected hug. Maybe it envolves a pretty flower or a piece of chocolate, a poem or a verse of scripture. The fun is in finding out what brings happiness to different people and that happiness has a funny way of finding it's way back to you.


I have learned that life is not easy. It is not perfect. The past few years have been a real struggle for me, esp. with a divorce and the ensuing social pressures to meet the standards of marriage and starting a family. Given my age, I have realized and accepted that I probably will never have children of my own. Nonetheless, amidst all of this, I am blessed to have found peace within myself.

My secret to happiness?

To first and foremost find happiness within yourself--in achieving this, you can then share your happiness with others. One must remember that you are responsible for your own happiness and well-being--remember to look out for number one!!

Now, I am happy in life and love and hope that one day, perhaps I can adopt a child with whom I can share the realities of life and rewards of happiness that I have found.

Joyce Maley

The secret to happiness is to live your life today as if it was your last day. I guareentee you that if you do you will see the positive side in everything. Even when things are tough if you step back and think if this was my last day what would I want people to remember be by you will see a rainbow in the rain. Life is too short.. Be happy.

Anita Eavers

Within the past few weeks I have had to make a difficult decision of putting my mother in a nursing home. It has been the wrost decision I have ever had to make , but I took a leave of abscense from work to deal with all the phone calls, paper signing, financial ordeals and such. I have had some time to go sorting thru my photos and found that what was such a difficult thing to do also brought back some many great memories. Seeing pictures of my Mom when my children were born and the joy on her face, seeing her reading them books. Looking at her dancing at weddings and enjoying time at family picnics, etc.

So even though I am going through a difficult time right now with this decision, I know I can go back and look at these pictures and really remember the great memories we had. The memories will never go away. Yes, things have changed, but the memories will always be there. So if you you are having a bad day take a look at some fun things you have done in the past and I'm sure it will bring back smiles to you.


My secret of happiness....is to be at peace with myself. This allows me to live fully in the moment and give the most that I am able to give. My son is my life and without him I would never have found the inner peace that I had no idea I was lacking until he arrived in my life.

Diana Schafer

My Secret for Happiness was to realize that I am loved by the God I believe in and (finally) accept that I am worthy of good things happening to me, and also accept that bad things do happen that I can overcome.

Cheryl Allagood

My secret for happiness is to find something to be thankful for each new day. I look around me and see so much beauty and so much to be thankful for. Even with all the hard times, we can find things to be thankful for. A sunrise, blooming daffidols who seem to always be smiling at you with their warm sunny colors, birds at your feeders, a child laughing, your mother's hands. Look around and see how blessed you really are.


Our family has been through a lot in a relatively short period of time. We lost our oldest daughter to cancer 2 1/2 years ago. Our youngest daughter has had cancer twice and just had a double mastectomy. I lost two brothers to cancer. I also had cancer. We lost our business, and last spring my hubby lost his job. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Life hasn't been easy, but I've learned a lot.

Two things keep me going: first and formost, a combination of strong faith and lots of laughter. Unbeatable!

The other is using the things we've gone through to help others. For example, we are now in the midst of starting a cancer-related non-profit.

Scrapbooking is great therapy. The daughter we lost was an avid scrapbooker, and her little girl and I now scrapbook together: she scrapbooks her mom, which has helped her a lot.

Rhonda Brookshire

I like many of the other posts have endured many hardships that life can throw at you. I had my oldest daughter at 17,2nd at 18 and 3rd at 20. We found out while I was expecting our 3rd daughter that our oldest was mentally challenged. We knew she was slow but not to the degree that we discovered. That being said she delights at the simple things. She loves to go to church. To hear her sing brings tears to my eyes but joy to my heart. My faith,family and learning that its the simple things that bring the most happiness. I praise God daily staring with the little things. Find joy in the little things.


I've got a small sign above my desk that reads, "Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it." That's a great reminder that your attitude can make or break you. I've always believed that happiness is an inside job--only you can make you happy! One thing that transformed my life was keeping a gratitude journal, as recommended in the book "Simple Abundance," in which I list five things I am grateful for each day...this small little bedtime ritual has a powerful affect. Yes, on some rough days it's back to basics, a roof over your head, but mostly it gets you noticing all the small joys and simple delights you experience throughout the day--you take note and seeing all the happiness and blessings in your life over the days and months changes your attitude, makes you conscious and grateful for all you have. And realizing what makes you happy, you can steal a few minutes of joy by making room for these happiness moments in your day...some of my favorites are photographing the details, relaxing with a hot cup of tea, and hugs from the ones I love!

Janet Bagnall

My secret to happiness ... knowing that when I get up every morning, God has blessed me with His love, my family, my friends and everything around me and gives me the ability to enjoy it all in a way that continuously changes, which makes everyday different and wonderful.

Karen Adamski

One of the secrets to my happiness, actually I should say two secrets of my happiness are my two adopted greyhounds. Two retired racers that are the most loving, gentle 45 mph couch potatoes you could ever meet. It makes me happy to know the life they live now is far better then what they had come from. They make me smile just looking at them.

Donna Pierce

My secret for happiness is to not keep it a secret. Smiles, laughter,cheery dispositions are ment to be shared with everyone. Don't pass a person without saying hello. Say God Bless you to someone when they sneeze, hold a door open for a stranger.... For what goes around comes around.

Linda C Hall

My secret for happiness is ATTITUDE...
waking each morning thankful for another day feeling confident with what I see in the mirror each morning that I have done the best that I can do with what I have to work with....walking out into the world with a smile on my face confident that I will enjoy this day to its fullest.

vicki whittier

My sister suffers with severe chronic pain due to back problems. Not one day goes by in her life that she is not thinking of other people and doing craft projects for the "less fortunate" for her church. Even with all the pain she endures, she always has time for the "other guy." She is my inspiration. My idea is that one should do crafts every day for our own sanity.


My secret to happiness is acceptance. I had to realize many years ago that there were things I had no control over and to accept them. When I did that I became a much happier person. I concentrated more on the things I could change and put myself at the top of the list. I repeat the "Serenity Prayer" at least once a day.

Accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference.

*hugs* Helena

Teri Resnick

When I was a child, I lost my grandmother ( she was a nurse) !!! I was very close to her. I was w/ my Mom & Dad when they went to her apt. to "clear thing out" I found a copy of the "Serenity Prayer" in her drawer..... I didn't know it was called the "Serenity Prayer" until later in life...but those words made a BIG impression on a LITTLE girl !!!!!
I've tried to live by those words ever since then.. And, I believe I'm a pretty happy person !!!!

Lynore Swink

My secret for happiness is hope. It is having faith that no matter how bad it is today, there is always the opportunity that tomorrow will be better. I have learned that a smile is the universal language as is a compassionate understanding hug.

Lori Bruland

My secret to happiness is having my four boys wake me up on Saturday morning by climbing into my bed to cuddle and talk about how we are going to spend the day. We try to pick something different each week that everyone will enjoy. With the nice weather coming, I believe that visiting every park in the county will be where we spend the next few Saturdays!


My secret for happiness is patience. Life is a series of ups and downs. When a day is bad or an event is saddening, patience and faith that things will get better keeps perspective on life.


What's my secret for Happiness? It's not a secret. It's found in The BIBLE. It's knowing who I am and why I am here. I am a child of the King of kings and Lord of lords. He made me and loves me. And while I don't live a perfect life His son, Jesus, did and He gave His sinless life so that I may have eternal life by believing in Him! I am a new creation-the old has gone and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5). My advice for having a great day every day is remembering God isn't surprised by the good or bad things that happen to us. All things do and will work together in His perfect way. Our lives on Earth are to bring Him glory in all we do because "at the name of Jesus every knee will bow... and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" (Philippians 2) and THAT will be a glorious, perfect, great DAY!


Smile it is contagious. Enjoy everyday, Love life. Stop and smell the flowers every once in a while. Give your troubles to the man that can handle them, All of them. Life could be worse. When I was notified I had a tumor the size of a pea on the brian - I started looking at life in a different light. I enjoy my boys and scrapbooking them, reflecting the memories of the days gone by. Looking forward to the days to come. Enjoy your life. Don't reflect on the bad things. Enjoy the life you have been handed. It is only what you make of it. People will remember the good times more than the bad.

Lynne Daffern

Happiness is a choice. You make choices every day and one of those choices needs to be to happy today inspite of cirucumstances,to focus on the positive, and not let the negative steal your happiness and joy.

Lucie Roy

My happiness comes from ordering and getting fantastic items from Wish in the Wind. Your book is my new best friend. Took half a day off to read it.

Seriously, my secret for happiness would be to enjoy the several little things that come during the day; a phone call, a smile, an e-mail from a friend, etc. DO NOT WAIT for the big things ... you might never get them and then you would have lost your life looking forward to be happy instead of just being happy.


Laura Casey

My secret for happiness is..Keep it Simple...enjoy the everyday things in life. Most of the "big" things in life are just moments...The simple things are always around us and we just try to hard to FIND happiness...a baby's smile, a hug from a sleepy child, closing your eyes and listening to kids playing, your husband coming home all dirty from work with a single rose "just because", your teenager flying in, running up the stairs and on his way out he notices the cookies cooling on the table and yells.."Mom, your the best" as he leaves the house again...yep, Keep it simple!

Lynne Daffern

One of my secrets to happiness is to surround myself with the beautiful, positive things in life. Encouraging uplifting music, a bouquet of flowers on my desk, pictures of those I love all around me. These things help me remember just how good life is and help me to focus on the good and let go of the bad.

Judith Sperling

Choose your Attitude! Every life has its moments that are difficult or sad. But, if you dwell on that, it's easy to set off a downward spiral that is hard to get out of. If there is something you 'have' to do, find a silver lining, or change it up just a little to make it your own. Sometimes, when we don't feel happy, acting like you are makes a big difference. At first you might feel 'phony', but all of a sudden the acting rubs off into actually feeling that way. It's hard to be sad if you're smilin'!

Lynne Daffern

A secret to happiness for me is living today to it's fullest, not putting off until tomorrow anything that can and should be done today. At the end of the day I want to know that I got everything out of the day that I could possibly get. If I realize I missed the mark, try again tomorrow.

Denise Stoner

I have found a couple of websites that have daily scriptures, and one with a weekly scripture challenge. The weekly scripture challenge is on www.faithsisters.com, and is encouraged by Patter. I then write these scriptures on my weekly calendar, so I can read them all week.
Starting my day, KNOWING our GOD cares for me and is in control of my life, my day goes very well.. whatever happens.It seems to put a song in my heart, for I know He is only a prayer away. To know Him and to feel His love, and then to be able to love Him in return, for ALL He has done, is a slice of Heaven here on Earth.
I feel He has given me the talent to scrap and make cards, so in thanksgiving to Him, I journal my journey with Him and use His scriptures in my cards to encourage others.


My secret is to speak with a smile. Not only do you hear it in your voice, but it is contageous.


C-o-n-t-e-n-t-m-e-n-t. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter where I live at the time and what the house is like, no matter what kind of neighbors I have, no matter what diagnosis the doctor gives, no matter what happens (good or bad)... learning to be content with what the Lord sends into my life equals happiness.

"I have learned, in whatever state I am, in this to be content." Philippians 4:11


C-o-n-t-e-n-t-m-e-n-t. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter where I live at the time and what the house is like, no matter what kind of neighbors I have, no matter what diagnosis the doctor gives, no matter what happens (good or bad)... learning to be content with what the Lord sends into my life equals happiness.

"I have learned, in whatever state I am, in this to be content." Philippians 4:11

Bobbie Poppleton

I have discovered over the years that it takes just too much energy to maintain "sad", or "discouraged", or any other negative emotion. Frankly, it wears me out, so I choose to be happy....even if I have to "fake it (happiness) until I make it". My daughter in law recently moved to Oregon, near us, where it rains an awful lot during the winter. She spent three months of this winter telling me that she has been trying to discover the "Oregon Secret"--how come everyone seems so happy when it is always so gloomy outside? I've spent some time thinking about the "Oregon Secret". I don't know exactly how we discovered it amid the gloom, but I'm very proud that we did.


My husband and I have learned not to worry about the small stuff. If we don't have the money to pay a bill, somehow it gets paid. It all comes down to "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff". If you haven't read this book, you should. I have learned to laugh a lot more and to enjoy my children even when they stress me to the max. I don't give them a time out, I get one. I have a walk in closet and I send myself there to refocus. It actually works!

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